Episode 7 Tyr is Beren or Rich Vikings-They showed me the money

Exponential growth Xwhenever i>1

Given enough time, small differences in economic growth are the difference between wealth and poverty

The famous parable of exponential growth

Egil’s Saga is recommened.  Also, Njal’s Saga.  Interestingly Njal is just norse for Neil, an Irish name indicating Irish influence in Norse culture.

Justice and Fairness is the most powerful social technology.  This is a regular theme in Hanging with History.  The slow and fitful steps towards justice and people treating each other better is both caused by and causes improvements in living standards in a virtuous circle.  Backward steps are very common, but some of the worst backward steps were avoided in Britain.

The British History Podcast – recommended

History of England podcast – recommended

Just for fun…..

The first two are Tyr, an important god, for whom we named Tuesday.  The third is Beren.   His hand holds a silmarillion, after he was known as One-Hand.

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