Episode 9- 1066: Legacy of Forkbeard

Canute the Great.

An artistic interpretation of King Knut/Canute

An artistic interpretation of Edward the Confessor.

An artistic interpretation of Harald Godwinson.

An artistic interpretation of  William the Bastard/Conqueror.

An artistic interpretation of  Harald Hardrada.

Rosklide Cathedral today.  English stonemasons were at work in the town in the 1030s.

The truth about spoken Danish:

An interesting lecture on Canute:

Joseph Henrich’s slide show:

Some links:

Linguist Educator Exchange, referenced in this episode, is a fantastic resource on language.

Canute’s letter to the English people.

Propaganda for William the Bastard.

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Episode 8: The Greatness of Forkbeard

A couple of depictions of Sweyn Forkbeard.
Anglo Saxon coins found in Scandinavia.

The ending scene of Princess Mononoke, when Iron Town is burned down by the forest spirit. 

One hundred trillion dollar bills printed in Zimbabwe as a result of hyperinflation.

September 3 1967 – Dagen H.

This Day in History: Swedish Traffic Switches Sides – September 3, 1967

The Day Sweden Switched Sides

The estimated death toll from communist regimes is more than the Black Death and Mongol Horde combined. Scary stuff.

The median worker tax rates of Scandinavia vs the U.S in 2019.
Skew Lines!

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