Episode 2: The Farmers, err the Vikings

In Episode 2, Harald deromanticizes the history of England.

Monty Python tells us about the battle between King Charles (‘5″6 at the start of his reign, 4’8″ at the end of it’) and Oliver Cromwell (‘Lord Protector of England’!). 

The Anne Elk theory.

Part of what made England so ‘special’ was the different tribes and peoples that occupied it, influencing culture and religion.

An artistic interpretation of the Massacres at Wexford and Drogheda

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That Miracle that Happened that One Time

History informed by the Industrial Revolution.  How did we get there?  Was it an improvement? (Spoiler:Yes)

Episode 1 Visuals

Here is a graphic of the Malthusian crisis

Your trade routes should be secure if you get above the straight line.

An early 19th century painting of the Ohlone

Grinding rocks in the Sierra foothills.  Part of the process of converting acorns to something edible involved grinding the acorns.

Columns at Gobekli Tepe.  Completely impossible by the history we learned when I was young.

Gobekli Tepe, current theory is that this was built before permanently settled cities.

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