Episode 9- 1066: Legacy of Forkbeard

Canute the Great.

An artistic interpretation of King Knut/Canute

An artistic interpretation of Edward the Confessor.

An artistic interpretation of Harald Godwinson.

An artistic interpretation of  William the Bastard/Conqueror.

An artistic interpretation of  Harald Hardrada.

Rosklide Cathedral today.  English stonemasons were at work in the town in the 1030s.

The truth about spoken Danish:

An interesting lecture on Canute:

Joseph Henrich’s slide show:

Some links:

Linguist Educator Exchange, referenced in this episode, is a fantastic resource on language.

Canute’s letter to the English people.

Propaganda for William the Bastard.

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Episode 8: The Greatness of Forkbeard

A couple of depictions of Sweyn Forkbeard.
Anglo Saxon coins found in Scandinavia.

The ending scene of Princess Mononoke, when Iron Town is burned down by the forest spirit. 

One hundred trillion dollar bills printed in Zimbabwe as a result of hyperinflation.

September 3 1967 – Dagen H.

This Day in History: Swedish Traffic Switches Sides – September 3, 1967

The Day Sweden Switched Sides

The estimated death toll from communist regimes is more than the Black Death and Mongol Horde combined. Scary stuff.

The median worker tax rates of Scandinavia vs the U.S in 2019.
Skew Lines!

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Episode 7 Tyr is Beren or Rich Vikings-They showed me the money

Exponential growth Xwhenever i>1

Given enough time, small differences in economic growth are the difference between wealth and poverty

The famous parable of exponential growth

Egil’s Saga is recommened.  Also, Njal’s Saga.  Interestingly Njal is just norse for Neil, an Irish name indicating Irish influence in Norse culture.

Justice and Fairness is the most powerful social technology.  This is a regular theme in Hanging with History.  The slow and fitful steps towards justice and people treating each other better is both caused by and causes improvements in living standards in a virtuous circle.  Backward steps are very common, but some of the worst backward steps were avoided in Britain.

The British History Podcast – recommended

History of England podcast – recommended

Just for fun…..

The first two are Tyr, an important god, for whom we named Tuesday.  The third is Beren.   His hand holds a silmarillion, after he was known as One-Hand.

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Episode 6: The Sons of Ragnar in England

A map of viking raids in France.

The Viking siege of Paris

A table displaying the distribution of place names in England with personal and non-personal specifics (from https://www.researchgate.net/publication/284228370_Anglo-Scandinavian_Code-Mixing_in_English_Place-Names)

A table displaying the distribution of Old Norse and Old English generics (from https://www.researchgate.net/publication/284228370_Anglo-Scandinavian_Code-Mixing_in_English_Place-Names)

Not endorsing a particular view, but just to show it is out there….This Prezi looks at the idea that Middle English is a Norse language

The composition of modern English by language of origin.

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

Harald also referenced this essay, Categories Were Made for Man : https://slatestarcodex.com/2014/11/21/the-categories-were-made-for-man-not-man-for-the-categories/

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Episode 4: Odin’s Eyes

Joseph of Arimathea.

Joseph of Arimathea is a story you actually already know, even if you don’t know you know it. This song, Jerusalem, is actually telling this story- just in a different context. You might also know the story from Monty Python and the Holy Grail!

The sacking of the Lindisfarne monasteries in 794.
The Norman conquest of England


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The Farmers, no really this time


Love is Deadpool is Anateus is Love thanks to the text

Anthropological distance from the Anglosphere

Note the close distance to the Paris Basin, the small difference makes love and hate much easier

The Viking arc, episodes 4-9 will suggest why the distance to Denmark is zero.

Possibly the greatest thinker of Late Antiquity

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Episode 2: The Farmers, err the Vikings

In Episode 2, Harald deromanticizes the history of England.

Monty Python tells us about the battle between King Charles (‘5″6 at the start of his reign, 4’8″ at the end of it’) and Oliver Cromwell (‘Lord Protector of England’!). 

The Anne Elk theory.

Part of what made England so ‘special’ was the different tribes and peoples that occupied it, influencing culture and religion.

An artistic interpretation of the Massacres at Wexford and Drogheda

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That Miracle that Happened that One Time

History informed by the Industrial Revolution.  How did we get there?  Was it an improvement? (Spoiler:Yes)

Episode 1 Visuals

Here is a graphic of the Malthusian crisis

Your trade routes should be secure if you get above the straight line.

An early 19th century painting of the Ohlone

Grinding rocks in the Sierra foothills.  Part of the process of converting acorns to something edible involved grinding the acorns.

Columns at Gobekli Tepe.  Completely impossible by the history we learned when I was young.

Gobekli Tepe, current theory is that this was built before permanently settled cities.

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Hanging with History: A Visual Guide to the Viking Raids

In Episode 6, Harald discussed the viking raids on Europe, specifically France and England.  Here are some maps to help visualise where these vikings went.

A map of Viking raids in France.
A map of viking raids in England.
A map of the Kingdom of Northumbria.
A map of the Kingdom of Mercia.
A map of places in England with Scandinavian names as a result of the Vikings.

Feel free to comment below your thoughts about the episode!

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